Our story so far

Where it all started

The art of fragrance has always been inspiring for me, and at the age of 15, I decided to purchase small quantities of designer-inspired perfumes and sell them in the Birmingham area. As my business started to grow and show success, it was hit by the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time of the pandemic, it became difficult to network. However, during this time, I decided to use social media platforms to extend the reach of my business and research fragrances to understand them more.
As the restrictions began to ease, I decided to take my knowledge of fragrance and my new products and network with people.

Interacting with people again allowed me to understand what people wanted, and with their feedback, I could grow my business. As the business started to grow, I decided to team up with my brother, and we have been working on the growth of car cloud.

New Products

In 2020 we started to sell nano humidifiers, and they were successful. People loved using a device in the car, home and office to eliminate unwanted odours.

With consumer feedback, we decided to move on to a more elegant and compact design. It was in 2021 that we introduced the new nano humidifier, and it still remains a car lover's favourite.

As we were reaching the end of 2021, we decided to introduce the glass diffuser collection. The glass diffusers enabled scents to be released slowly into the atmosphere, creating a mesmerising environment.

The next move

With the growing success and reinvestment, we introduced luxury air sanitisers. Our customers were presented with a vast selection to choose from, and after listening to them, we came up with three vibrant air sanitisers you all love.

At car cloud, we listen to what you want, and the design you see was all chosen by the car cloud community. In the future, we will release more products, and to be the first to know of the products, sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you

We are pleased with the results we have acquired so far. Every day we think of ways to improve our business to give our customers the best. Stay up to date with our journey and become part of it.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all family, friends and customers for all their support. The influencers that have helped us achieve our goals are only the beginning, and we aim to go much further.

Air Sanitisers

The carcloud air sanitisers are a favourably scented odour neutraliser, formulated to stay suspended in the atmosphere for many hours. 

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Fragrance oils

Sourced from all over globe we bring you the best collection of fragrance oils. Available in grade 1 and premium quality.

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Eliminate those unpleasant odours with our USB powered humidifier. Easy to use and can be used in home office or work.

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