Our fragrances are sourced from all around the world and based on top-selling brands. At Carcloud_UK, we strongly believe in quality over quantity, we do not dilute any of our oils, therefore, they last longer for our customers. We also provide a range of humidifiers/diffusers that can be used in the car, home, or at work to create a new breathing environment for your senses., We do not manufacture any of our products. 

All scents are carefully sourced from suppliers all over the world. At CarCloud_UK, we believe in providing our customers with the best products and do not intend to mislead you. The selection of oils we provide are inspired fragrances based on well known designer fragrances. WE DO NOT SELL COPY OR REPLICATES and our disclaimers are highlighted throughout our website stating all of our fragrances are inspired.

All of our scents are based on chemical analysis, and our intentions are not to violate any designer's name. Our fragrances are based on top-selling brands in the west, and we do not represent our products are original or 100% exact copies. In doing so, we prefer to stay protected from copyright laws., The scent name is provided to give our customers an understanding of what the scent is likely to imitate. We want our customers to know that we are not sponsored by any brands or associate ourselves with them.

In the relevant sections, we have highlighted how you should take care of your humidifier/diffuser. Please note that you are using concentrated oils, and the usage of excess oil will damage your humidifier/diffuser, for which we are not responsible., All oils are concentrated for the customer's benefit, so they last longer. In our glass diffusers we cannot use 100% oils as this would not diffuse successfully into the environment and can damage the reed block. Therefore, we create a formulation that enables successful diffusion of the scent into the environment. 

All fragrance oils are concentrated, therefore, spillages must be wiped immediately to avoid staining of leather or any other surface. Excess inverting of our glass diffusers can result in spillages which must be wiped immediately., At CarCloud_UK, we do not take any responsibility for damages that may be caused to your car interior or any other surface. We have highlighted how you should take care of your diffuser/humidifier and advise our customers to get into contact with us for further assistance.

If you would like to sell our product elsewhere, please gain our permission first as we strictly prohibit the selling of our product., Essential oils must not be applied to the skin as manufacturers have informed us that this can cause skin irritation. The majority of our oils can be applied to the skin. However, if you develop any skin irritation, please cease usage of the oil.