No, the filters are used to diffuse the scent into the atmosphere. Fragrances are added to the water compartment of the humidifier. The scent diffuses through the filter and into the atmosphere when powered on.

We cannot take requests for the colour of the vinyl as it is supplied directly from the manufacturer.

No, musks are only for skin only. Using musks in humidifiers can result in permanent damage.

Each filter can last between 2-4 weeks, depending on usage. You will notice an unpleasant scent when the filter requires replacement. Carefully detach the holder containing the filter and replace it. When changing the filter, ensure you do not misplace the spring in the holder.

Do not worry this is normal. Mist is decreased when oil sits on top of the humidifier, obstructing mist flow. We recommend using a small ear swab, adding a small amount of hand sanitiser and gently cleaning the area where the mist comes from.

Glass Diffusers

After a while, you will notice the intensity of the scent to be decreased. This is normal because your senses become desensitised to the fragrance notes. Others will still be able to smell it, but you will notice a slight decrease in smell. If you would like to increase the intensity, carefully invert the glass diffuser a few times, and it will diffuse through the reed block.

We recommend never adding any additional oil to the glass diffuser as it has concentrated to a safe level to and not damage the reed block

Fragrance oils

No, as highlighted in our disclaimer, we DO NOT replicate or copy designer brands. All our fragrance oils are inspired by fragrances all over the globe.

Grade 1 oils are the highest concentration you could get in fragrances that do not contain any alcohol or other diluents.

No, we recommend not mixing the oils, as combining them could create an unpleasant scent.

Yes, you can, however, we recommend always trying on a small area as we would not want to stain the clothing permanently.


Yes, we ask you to send a PDF file of the design you wish to have on the humidifier. Please remember that personalised orders will take longer to complete, (approximately 2-4 days before we can ship).

Take a look on our social media platforms for designs customers have gone for.


Unfortunately, we do not deliver outside the UK at present, but we are looking into this.

All oils are prepped and made to order, and it can take longer to deliver your goods at busy times. Our average processing time is 1-2 working days, after which we dispatch your goods.

Personalised orders can take longer to deliver. As soon as payment is made, we will get started on your order and arrange to pick it up for delivery. Unfortunately, we have no control over the delivery afterwards, we ask you to keep up to date with the tracking details and notify us if there is any problem


At the moment we only operate online. 

We are open Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will get back to you. We will answer questions within 24 hours. However, at busy times it can be longer. Please look at the FAQs page, as it will be updated regularly and may have the answer to your question. Please avoid using multiple platforms to ask questions, as this will add to the delay in responding to you.

We are based in the United Kingdom


Yes you can, but make sure it is kept away from the windscreen and direct sunlight (especially in the summer)

We recommend not to store any fragrance oils in direct sunlight as this may affect the scent of the product


We will send you a tracking number to follow. Check your inbox and spam/junk folders for further details on tracking

If you have received items you did not order, please get in touch with us. We will check everything and require photographs to see what happened. Before dispatch, we double-check all our orders and make sure everything is correct. You MUST notify us within 7 days.

Unfortunately, all our orders are processed as soon as payment is made. However, we recommend contacting us asap to check if the order has been dispatched. Once the order is dispatched, we cannot do anything.

Report any damages to us immediately. We will investigate the matter and resolve it as quick as possible. Send us detailed images of the damage, and do not discard anything as we may ask for the products to be returned. Any injuries reported 7 days after receipt of them, we are unfortunate to do anything.


Yes, if you have multiples items in your cart you can add the correct promotional codes to ensure you get the best deal. If you have any questions please get in contact and we will assist you further