Humidifier / Diffuser

Congratulations on the purchase of your CarCloud humidifier/diffuser
Inside the box, you will find the following. 
1 x Humidifier 
1 x USB cable 
5 x FREE filters 
About the humidifier 
Size:- 7.2 x 7.2 x 13.3cm
Working voltage: DC5V
Working current: 500MA
Colours available:- Matt Black, Gloss White, Gloss Pink or Gloss Turquoise 
Capacity: 200ML 
 How to use your humidifier/diffuser 
Step 1 
Remove the top and add water. We recommend to use tap water and not fill more than 3/4
Step 2
Remove the filter from the holder and soak in water for 5-10 seconds. 
Step 3
Place the filter carefully into the holder. 
Step 4
Add our premium oils to the water. We recommend approximately 5-8 drops. 
Step 4
Gently stir the solution to ensure no oil sticks to the sides or sits at the base.
Step 5 
Secure the lid and plug the diffuser into a USB port. 
Step 6
Hold the button to turn on the LED lights.
Press the button once for continuous cloud or press again for an intermittent cloud.  
How to take care of your humidifier/diffuser 
When the water has finished, you do not need to add the oil again. The filter will already contain the oil. Only water is required.
If you feel you want to increase the intensity of the scent, add a few drops of the oil.
Excess oil can damage the diffuser.
You should change the filter when you want to change the scent. Never mix different scents. Each fragrance is unique, and when mixed, this can result in an undesired smell. 
If the scent smells different after a few weeks, it is time to change your filter. 
Make sure nothing obstructs the cloud, and it is not going directly onto a vehicle surface. Wipe any spillages immediately. 
If you feel the cloud is not as intense. You can use the end of a cotton bud to clean the head of the diffuser.